About Joe Bencharsky

      Founder & Chief Internet Marketing Consultant

Joe Bencharsky is a PubCon Certified Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media Specialist. His professional background includes over 20 years of print media and marketing experience serving multiple industries including software, internet, financial services, advertising, non-profits, legal industry to name a few. He helped pioneer software packaging techniques in Silicon Valley during the software boom of the 1980's and consulted with many key Internet start-ups in the heart of SOMA in San Francisco in the mid '90's.

His educational background includes undergraduate work in Communications, Business and Computer Science, Technical and Creative Writing and graduate work in literary criticism. He studied under noted women's author and screenwriter Frances Mayes portrayed by Diane Lane in the Movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" and acclaimed NPR radio personality and author Michael Krasny He is an EzineArticles.com Expert Author and Newsvine Contributor and was presented a writing award by legendary Science Fiction author Ray Bradbury. He has contributed a chapter on Internet Marketing for a college Marketing course textbook, and a guest lecturer on Social Media, SEO and Internet Marketing at California State University Sonoma.

In 2011 he was interviewed by Richard Quest on BBC television on the business news show "Quest Means Business" broadcast internationally on CNN for his views regarding the U.S. Economy and Federal Deficit and was interviewed for the inaugural episode of the small business video series "Social Media on 6 Minutes a Day"

He has appeared as a speaker and presenter in front of many business organizations on topics including: Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media, the History of Communications and Media and Network Marketing.

In addition to an excellent command of the English Language, Joe Bencharsky has also studied and/or has a degree of functional knowledge of Greek, Hungarian, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

He is a second generation native San Franciscan and has been a resident of Marin County, California for the past 15 years with his wife of 25 years who is a professional opera singer.

Our Approach

If it doesn't enhance your bottom line, it's a waste of your time.

We saw this happen in the .com boom of the 90's: the vast majority of businesses pursued ideas that were "sexy" rather than valid business models. We believe there is no room for that type of model in any business or market.

Our background is in traditional business management of brick and mortar businesses. Every move we make is focused on getting you an ROI that is not only positive, but in multiples.

We follow industry Best Practices.

In SEO lingo it's called: White Hat. Sure we can use the latest tricks, and we can and do if it benefits our clients, but not at the expense of potential punitive actions due to questionable practices that can violate search engine terms of service.

We look out for you and your business success. Period.

Our fingers on the pulse of the internet industry and evolutions in marketing technology, analytics. We are constantly in touch with cutting edge techniques and tools that can enhance a sound, comprehensive Internet Marketing plan at the most economical price possible.

Marketing Fusion

Traditional marketing practices fused with leading edge tools.

What is your business brand?

What is your message?

Who are you as a business?

Who is your audience?

What is your target market?

WHERE is your target market?

Is the purpose of your website to reinforce existing relationships with your clients?

Add validity and act as a resume for potential clients?

Or as a driving force for new business to your front door, whether that door be of wood and glass or electronic?

These are just a few of the considerations we establish before even thinking about things like "widgets" and "link-bait".

Step 1: Analyze and Evaluate Existing WebSite

Start at the beginning. See what you have and what's helping and what's hindering your progress.

This involves using tools to look at the existing website programming, tagging, Link Structure, Keyword usage, Meta Information, URL formats, headline usage: everything related to the site structure and format that can help or hinder search engine exposure. Also see how the site is placing currently and what kind of results it is getting. Evaluate current analytics to develop a baseline to measure future results.

Step 2: Analyze the Competition and Competitive WebSites

What kind of fish are you?

Where do you swim?

Who else swims in the same waters?

Whether you are a small fish in a small pond or a big fish in a big pond your Internet Marketing should be appropriate to your goals and your environment rather than a pre-packaged product offering a lot of what you do not need.

The two major factors, which are constantly changing, are what your competition is doing, what results they are getting, and how competitive your target market is. These two factors will determine the effort and budget necessary to get results. It can also determine the basic strategy necessary to be competitive in your market arena.

Step 3: Test, Implement, Analyze, Adjust

Information is power. The kind of power can drive your business towards better profitability.

Internet Marketing is unique in that it is relatively inexpensive to run trial balloons and test out results before implementing them. Also, once they are implemented, there is a wealth of analytics to evaluate performance and provide enough data to continually refine your Internet Marketing Strategy. Where is your traffic coming from? How long do visitors stay? What do they look at when they are there? Where do they go? These are just a few of the basic questions that analytics can provide, and with the right evaluation of the data, can be an incredibly powerful tool to refine your strategy.

Step 4: Provide transparency and clear, regular, verifiable, and relevant reporting.

Raw data and esoteric information are like providing reporting in a dead language like Aramaic:

Very nice and may contain valuable information but no one without specialized training can understand it.We believe in a user-friendly and clear communications with our clients. Rather than highly-technical reports couched in specialized language, we provide clear articulation and confirmation of all inbound links, keyword revisions, ad placement, 3rd party inbound sources etc. All are clear, all are verifiable.